The Wheels On The Bus

Just this past Tuesday, we ordered an RV.  And by RV, I mean a hugely random, hugely long, hugely expensive. . . motorhome. . . er, coach.  That admission, being one that I never, not ever, not even one time, imagined would come out of my mouth (or brain as it were).  The fact that I’m even sharing all of this, here of all places, for everyone to judge our madness literally has me scratching my head.  Gah, transparency.

But God’s been moving again, and considering that (from my vantage point anyway) He generally shows up in the most unexpected of ways and with the most unexpected of plans, here we are.  And by “shows up”, I really mean, “shows off” because of course He “shows up” every moment of the day, He’s always there, but every once in a while, He just presents Himself in this beautifully random, crazy way, that I can only attribute to Him.

His handiwork in my own life has rarely, if ever, “made sense”.  It’s always been crazy, off the wall, kind of stuff. Always.

Case in Point: Jeff asked me to marry him when we weren’t even dating.  I’d literally fought my very first physical urge to slap him, or anyone else for that matter, within the previous week.  And poof. . . *Jesus shows off* . . . and a couple of months later we’re married, sailing in the BVI’s and on our way to our happily ever after.

For the last year and half, we have known that there was something more that we were supposed to be doing. We haven’t known what, but we’ve both had this restlessness about what our life currently looks and feels like. For a few months we considered moving up to Georgia, spent a few months there even, trying to figure out how to make it work.  But eventually God told us ‘no’.

So we came back to Florida, settled back in and then started looking for another house to buy.  One where we could have our offices, plenty of garage space and storage for the business, Jeff’s hobbies, and the ability for us to host people in our home for different reasons.  After a year of house hunting, we finally gave in and came to the conclusion that a new house also wasn’t in God’s plan for us.

Back in the spring, we started praying about doing a year long boat trip called the Great Loop.  We love boating and given the flexibility of our business and lifestyle, it seemed like now might be the time to do what most don’t get to do until retirement.  After countless hours of internet searching and traversing the state walking docks and looking at boats, God gave us a pretty clear ‘nope’ back in August, when our last hope for a good fit in a boat, that was up in Georgia, sold the very day we were heading up to see it.

At that point, we’d been in “life limbo” for a year and a half.  A year and a half of not knowing what in the world we are doing with our lives.  I’ve found it shameful that we just haven’t been able to make a decision or make a move in any direction.  We’ve just been “talking” about doing stuff, and never making anything happen.

So when the coach thing entered the picture I was quite hesitant at first.  I was really reluctant to delve very far in to the whole thing.  I’ve been afraid of another closed door.  I’ve been afraid of what people would think when we threw, yet another, grand idea out there.  And given our track record, afraid of the disappointment that comes with another closed door.

And as I write this, that risk is still there.  We’re financing this big rig, and given the “self-employed” factor of our current situation, that’s a challenge at best.  Despite great credit and despite money in the bank, we have yet to be welcomed by a lending institution with open arms.

So, brace yourself.  The next time I come back here baring my soul, I might be sharing another pipe dream.

But for now, it would appear, that God has opened the door for us to take our little show on the road.  Prior to the internet, the beverage truck sales deal was done by a few fellows driving around the country in an RV meeting with customers.  Our current plan is to take our business back to its’ roots.  Sometime after the first of the new year, we hope to head off on a series of month to two month long trips, traversing the country, meeting our customers face to face and seeing the country while we do it.

At least that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for.

(i just realized that my face is flushed. . . i’m totally embarassed and no one has even read these words yet!)

Business-wise, it’s the most sensible of the above options for our next life move.  We both believe in the power of relationships and believe that the elusive face time with customers is the best next move.  Tax-wise, it’s hugely advantageous.  And personally, we’ll get to see the country.  Win-win-win.

But an motorhome???? Who would have thought?  Never, in a million years, me.  Much less, a big, beautiful, brand new one.  But having weighed new vs. used, small vs. large, tag axles and front suspensions (exciting stuff, I tell you) and the thousand other variables in between, this big bertha is the only way to go.

And despite knowing that “crazy” is often the way that God shows up in my life, I seriously fought the purchase for a few days.  Fear gripped me, and I struggled with the expense and the grandiocity of it all, as Jeff’s excitement grew over the whole thing.  And then Sunday.

Sunday. Church. Elevation. Word.

“Stop asking God what you should do, and start asking Him how you should think?” ~ Steven Furtick

And immediately, I knew that my recent thoughts on the situation. . er, fears . . . were not Godly.  They aren’t from Him. They are from Satan and, uhm, no.  I’m not going there.  I needed to change my tune to faith.  Faith that God can make it all work out.  Faith that God can keep us from a bad decision.  Faith that God will use us and this vehicle to further His kingdom while growing us and our business.

So. . . we turned in an offer and our financing info on Tuesday and here I am putting all my crazy (well, some of it) out on the internets.

Heaven help me.


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” ~ Ephesians 3:20


4 thoughts on “The Wheels On The Bus

  1. Lindsay I think that God has a great plan for you and it can be hard to sometimes when the plan is not clear!! 5 years ago one oft 8th graders needed a place to live while her mom went to rehad and though I had never thought of “fostering” before we took her in. It was very hard we already had three kids of our but we knew that is was God’s plan. We struggled financially, and emotionally dealing with a 4 Kida from 4 to 14 and trying to fix all the damage that growing up with an addict can do to a young teen age girl. She stayed with us for a year and half before she decided to move out with relatives with out notice. It broke my heart when she left but I knew that we had done what God had wanted us to do. We help save her. She had come to us fresh out of the hospital after a suicide attempt and we helped build her back up to a young women who saw a future and found her voice, now she is. Sophomore at WCU( we both went to WCU) and doing great and we know that we are part of that success in her life. God has great plans for all of us some of us listen and some don’t it can be the biggest leap of faith to step out of your comfort zone and follow that plan but in the end it is always worth it!!


    1. Thank you, Miriam!!! What a story and what a gift you gave that young lady. We hope, to one day be in a position to do something along those lines and now I know who my ‘go to person’ will be if ever faced with such a situation!

      It truly is amazing what God does with our lives when we let Him!


  2. Thank you, Miriam!!! What a story and what a gift you gave that young lady. We hope, to one day be in a position to do something along those lines and now I know who my ‘go to person’ will be if ever faced with such a situation!

    It truly is amazing what God does with our lives when we let Him!


  3. Wow! What a God-sized decision you guys have made, and Yay God for giving you the boost you needed to get there. I think it’s super exciting, and I look forward to your adventures on the road.

    Two words, though ……. Daytona. 😀

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