B72E33C3-26DE-4CA8-A69B-C054C84FB93FHey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve spent time blogging and I’ve missed it!  With a new book project under way, I figured getting another blog going again would be a great way to help me stretch my writing chops and establish a routine.  Bare with me if it gets off to a slow start, please!  I haven’t figured out the timing of my activities, but know that I need to be writing more and am looking forward to running some things by you here.

For those of you that find me here and don’t know me. . . my name is Lindsey and I landed in Florida 9 years ago by way of South Georgia and North Carolina.  I feel so fortunate to call both of those southern lands my home but am, without a doubt, madly in love with Florida and all it has to offer.

My husband, Jeff, and I run a business together.  Well, he runs it and I just do what I’m told, which is just fine with me.  He is a master businessman and we are so grateful and humbled that God has worked things out for both of us to be able to work in our “sweet spots”. . . business being his and writing being mine.  It should be noted that the business allows me to focus on writing so I’m so very grateful to God and to Jeff for letting me chase this dream!

Be well and thanks for visiting!



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